Embark on Tailor-Made Luxury Excursions through Croatia & Montenegro


Welcome to Cosmopolitan DMC – an exclusive destination management company that offers tours around Montenegro and Croatia.

Luxury excursions go way beyond the traditional, typical mass tourism groups.

The concept of luxury excursions offers a chance to seek personalized and unique adventures. With our tailor-made excursions, travelers have the chance to experience the beauty of a journey that suits their preferences and requirements.

From Dubrovnik transfer services to transfers in Montenegro, our focus is opulence, comfort, and luxury.

To learn more about the concept of private and shared excursions, the destinations we offer, and how to book your next excursions with us, stay tuned!

The Concept of Luxury Excursions

What exactly are luxury excursions?

These exclusive trips cater to the specific needs, requirements, and unique tastes of individuals or small groups. They are the epitome of luxury and comfort travel.

Luxury excursions are nothing like the old mass tourism groups that fail to acknowledge the beauty of the destination. That’s why these excursions are tailor-made, followed by high-end accommodation and VIP transport – ensuring a 100% flawless tourist experience.

They are limited to individuals or small groups, guaranteeing an intimate and personalized experience. The exclusivity of this type of excursion allows more attention from hosts, guides, and staff.

Of course, knowledgeable experts are always available to accompany travelers and enhance their journeys.

By being in close contact with expert hosts, travelers can learn more about the unique beauty surrounding the location, its history, and even embark on BTS tours that are not accessible to regular travel groups.

Private & Shared Excursions Croatia

Cosmopolitan’s mission is to offer a 100% seamless and sophisticated travel experience.

If your go-to destination this year is Croatia, we offer the following high-end private and shared Croatia excursions:

  • A tour of the most memorable scenes from Game of Thrones King’s Landing through the eyes of experts and professional guides
  • A trip to the breathtaking beauty of Dubrovnik’s most popular places
  • A private tour of the Island of Korčula, its rich history, and fine restaurant choices
  • A one-of-a-kind visit to Pelješac, and the oysters and mussels farm in the town of Ston
  • A neighborly trip to Montenegro
  • An escape visit to Mostar, the famous medieval village
  • Island Cruise

Private & Shared Excursions Montenegro

If you’re keen on visiting the coastal beauties of Montenegro, though, here are the Montenegro excursions that will make your summer unforgettable:

  • An exclusive private tour of Kotor, Perast, and Budva
  • A tranquil Kotor Cruise Tour with a refreshing glass of the finest champagne
  • An unforgettable rafting adventure across Tara
  • A highly sought-after private tour of Montenegro’s hidden gems
  • A majestic experience traveling through the north of Montenegro
  • Wine Tasting at the Family-Run Garnet Winery

Unparalleled Comfort, Personalization & Luxury

Our private and shared tailor-made luxury excursions offer travelers a respite from the hustle and bustle of crowded tourist areas.

By embarking on Cosmopolitans excursions, travelers have the opportunity to explore all of the exclusive locations that Montenegro and Croatia have to offer.

Our #1 priority is comfort, personalization, and luxury, and that’s what our professional experts and guides are here to provide!

The hallmark of luxury excursions is the exceptional level of service provided by Cosmopolitan. Our attentive staff members are here to cater to travelers’ needs, ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey.

Travelers can rest assured knowing that they have 100% insight into the plan and program, local stories, and enriched travel experience.

Luxury excursions go above and beyond to provide one-of-a-kind, unforgettable, and unparalleled experiences to travelers, taking into account their personal interests and unique tastes.

To Wrap Up: Private Luxury Excursions through Croatia & Montenegro

Cosmopolitan’s luxury excursions are a gateway to Montenegro and Croatia’s most stunning locations, cultural events, and adventures.

Our services ensure 100% comfort, luxury, and a flexible schedule! Whether it’s taking a selfie at BTS of Game of Thrones or sipping on a glass of champagne while cruising through Boka Bay, we’re here to enhance your experience!

To learn more about our flexible schedules, prices, and all the beauty our excursions have in store for you, make sure to contact us.

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